• Friday Fattoush! This simple minuteready Lebanese salad is chock fullhellip
    2 days ago by whole_fry Friday Fattoush! This simple minute-ready Lebanese salad is chock full of , , tons of fresh herbs (I'm crushing on mint right now), greens, and stale pita bread. My pita bread doesn't stay around long enough to get stale, so I toss in the broken bits and pieces of multigrain pita chips that always fall to the bottom of the bag. The whole bowl gets bathed in a hefty splash of really good olive oil, lemon juice and lots of salt-and-pepper. And because I'm from the south, I throw in a can or two of black-eyed peas to give this…
  • When an entire flat of ripeandready Louisiana strawberries lands inhellip
    7 days ago by whole_fry When an entire flat of ripe-and-ready Louisiana strawberries lands in your kitchen you find ways to use them before your 2 1/2 year old eats them all first . (Seriously.. small pops em like candy). We waffled heavily, with a side of thick, syrupy - so sweet that I literally just added a splash of fresh OJ and let the fruit melt down into a saucepan of pourable yum. After the carbo-load I was inspired and went out back and pulled weeds for two hours in the 55 degree sunshine to get my own Fry patch ready for this year's…
  • WholeFry did not make pie for the 314 occasion Buthellip
    2 weeks ago by whole_fry WholeFry did not make  #pie  for the 3.14 occasion. But she did eat one, made by  @bethcakesblog , and it was nothing short of fabulous. There was Dark chocolate and peanut butter mousse, made light-as-air with a power-couple-combo of whipped cream and mountainous meringue. Oreos and Reese's were in attendance, too. And then she smiled because Pi Day has nothing to do with food and everything to do with math and constants and circles and infinity. And then she ate pie with a plastic fork. And may or may not have licked the plate.
  • Rainy day poke I seared the tuna eversoslightly only bchellip
    2 weeks ago by whole_fry Rainy day poke. I seared the tuna ever-so-slightly only bc there are no guarantees of how-fresh-is-my-fish in Birmingham Alabama. This was perfection in ripeness which made the whole plate sing... a simple-but-complex marriage of crisp cukes, chewy brown rice, creamy avo, and enough ginger and sriracha-infused umami to make you stop for just a moment and think... dang. Life is good.
  • Sunday prep tip Buy the most massive spaghetti squash youhellip
    3 weeks ago by whole_fry Sunday prep tip: Buy the most massive spaghetti squash you can find, roast it, and shred it into a mountain of silky, squashy strands that'll solve your dinnertime worries all week. At 30 calories per cup you can get wild with mix-ins. Toss a few hefty handfuls in a cast iron skillet with a glug of olive oil and let the creative juices flow- here I went Greek style with grape , feta , fresh greens, herbs , and a hefty pinch of coarse sea salt. Also delicious: pesto, roasted chicken, chickpeas, and a runny . And walnuts. Always walnuts.
  • Why toast when you can tartine yo? Egg salad tartineshellip
    4 weeks ago by whole_fry Why toast when you can tartine, yo? Egg salad  #tartines  on super crusty seeded bread in the making, here. I'm calling it now:  #eggsalad  is gonna make a comeback . I can feel it. Can you feel it? Texture can span from rich and creamy to crisp and crunchy depending on your mood- I love adding pickled celery and roasted sunflower seeds and topping it with a fat slice of juicy tomato or smoked salmon. Fold In fresh herbs! Mix it up with miso! Don't like mayo? Use  #avocado . Don't like relish? Skip it (I hate relish). And if you…
  • I cant decide whats best about this beast the richhellip
    4 weeks ago by whole_fry I can't decide what's best about this beast: the rich, buttery middle that melts in your mouth, the crisp-crackly charred end pieces that are a tad-bit-too-salty but ever-so-addictive, or the fact that this fish has the nutrient capacity to make you live to be 100. Smoked salmon, coming in hot for  #greens   #grains   #eggs   #bowls   #overtoast   #undertoast  and tucked inside fat  #avocadosammiches .
  • My eggaffair continues here making leftovers lovely again Yesterdays smokedhellip
    1 month ago by whole_fry My egg-affair continues, here making leftovers lovely again. Yesterday's smoked pork and spiralized sweet potatoes, charred in a searing hot pan until juuuuust about burnt. Drizzled in a little heavily-vinegared Alabama white sauce, then gilded with the most obediently perfect 7-minute egg. Steamed, not boiled. That's the secret, folks .